You may know Benifits of regular sex

Better Sex Life does not just create warmth in your relationship but also can be helpful in weight loss and keeping fit .

According to recent research published in the Journal of Forest sex play tennis or jog on a regular basis may be more effective workout .

University of Quebec researcher  tested on their research during the 21 young couples . The participants during the first 30 minutes of jogging on the treadmill and four weeks later he was routinely asked to make the connection .

The researchers also found during the negotiations , the sex gives them more pleasure than jogging or walking the walk more than they choose 'll like it .

The researchers also considered the option of exercising it , rather than a useful exercise to lose weight and stay fit believed to be right .

Fundas About Good Sex Life

Women are easily compromises . Happy with their lives in nature it is feared that they may be discarded .
So long as they are frustrated . And no one has to compromise in every relationship . But there are a few things we might inscribe our sex life is stormy .

What do you want in bed if you do not tell your partner that you better not sleep with him . To feel safe and stress-free after sex better sex may not be less than mediocre .
Secondly, the first thing is hidden . We must identify your needs and that will tell them plainly . What to expect your partner to read your mind knows is wrong . Healthy dialogue is healthy sex .

We should stay in touch with your body . From what looks good and what is bad, we should be aware of . We should not worry that your weight and shape .  someone who make comment on your body to remove the second hearing in one ear . Trust yourself .

We have to stop thinking negatively about themselves are guaranteed not to spoil the mood . If you do not like something your body , you will think about it then changes it is not possible .
If the change is not possible to think what is the use ? If you remain free from these things so you can enjoy better sex .

In the old days, some women offer their partner had sex in exchange for good behavior and angry at having had sex, refuse to . This is a big mistake .
As far as sex is something most men do not like to be controlled or smart . They do not want them to be treated like children . If you are unhappy with any part of your partner should communicate with him directly .

It is wrong to refuse to have sex because of trouble . Obviously , it can be said that in exchange for refusal not just a little later . And so , as punishment or reward not bring sex ever use . By doing this it becomes a kind of deal where sex becomes a salable object .

No matter how much you love your pet dog or cat in front of her sex but not provided . Them out of the room , close the door . It is possible that you are jealous and she wanted to play them .
Dogs and cats will growl or they'll go back to bed . Bedroom door locked from the inside of these problems can be avoided .

Affinity is another name for sex . It persiflage is something of a twist to it, then enjoy it . Persiflage would relieve the tension .
No matter how much we love your partner but it's about sex persiflage to do no harm . By josh reduces stress and helps to bring closer to one another ....